Medical Research Services

Distressingly frustrating, isn’t it?

As a busy physician, you know it’s impossible to remain well-versed on breaking research relevant to your practice.  It’s a quandary because your patients count on you, but there’s a limit to what can be done.

Business issues compound the pressure for up-to-the-minute  information.  For example, are you considering the purchase of new laser equipment or wondering about the long-term effects of various injectables? What about the botox alternatives available today? Do you really want to rely on a sales representative for unbiased opinions and information to base a purchase decision upon?

What about the controversy involving nano-particles of zinc and titanium oxides in sunblocks? What about the hullabaloo the Environmental Working Group raised about the safety of vitamin A and its derivatives in sunscreens? What’s the latest on the skin cancer epidemic so you can update your patients?

It’s simply not humanly possible for you to know everything you need to know about these and other important medical concerns. There are hundreds of key studies amounting to thousands of journal articles published. It can take months  just to do the literature survey!

Let me do the work for you. I’ve developed a fee schedule my clients are very happy with. You tell me what you need to know and together we’ll decide on the research question. I’ll do the literature survey and  provide you with relevant abstracts and include key findings for those studies that promise to be most helpful.

You pick out the studies you want included and I’ll write the research brief. My fees are calculated on a price-per-journal article basis. For example, the average price of a journal article is $35.00 for an electronic version. If you selected 10 journal articles, my fees are 10 times $35.00 plus $100.00.

In other words, a research brief on a given topic that involved analysis of 10 journal articles will be a $450.00 business investment.  I require a 50% down payment and you pay the balance within five business days of receiving my report. If for any reason you’re unhappy with my work — don’t pay the balance.

On your part, you get a world class research brief for less than the the price of the journal articles and literature survey.  You can respond to your patients’ concerns with up-to-the-minute authority and make confident decisions regarding the equipment and supplies you purchase. That makes you very happy.

For my part, I get to enlarge my knowledge base. That makes me very happy.

It’s a win-win all the way around. What are you waiting for? Call me ! 561-921-7631