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Need distinctive blog posts or short articles written on a timely and regular basis?  No problem.

I specialize in translating scientific literature into page-turning content for average consumers.  While people love to learn, they dislike being taught. My writing style bridges the gap to leave the reader feeling satisfied. That’s a great achievement for a blog post and almost guarantees readers will pass it on and look forward to more.  Online consumers want substance, not fluff. By consistently delivering content your reader can sink her teeth into, your reputation as a “go-to” source will grow and your brand will blossom.

Do you under-estimate your audience?

The blog posts on doctor websites almost universally under-estimate their audience’s savvy.  A different mindset comes over a woman when she’s looking for information on the web versus sitting in your office. In a medical setting, your clients are open to being told what to do. On the web, they want to decide for themselves and they never never never want to be sold. In fact, the propensity of doctor websites to sell rather than inform fuels mistrust and tarnishes the medical image.

For an example of what not to write, read this post from “Dr. Bailey’s Skin Care Blog” titled Does Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cause Skin Cancer? While the title is a perfect balance of search engine optimization and relevance, the article itself is a thinly veiled promotion.  It’s obvious  the author’s intention is to sell sunscreen rather than help the reader make an important decision.

The author missed a scientifically valid argument for the safety of zinc oxide, and by extension — for the safety of  Dr. Bailey’s products. The May 2012 issue of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology  features a study demonstrating that nano-particles of zinc oxide do not penetrate to the viable epidermis and are therefore safe. Consumers are thrilled to buy commodities from vendors who deal honestly with them. But don’t blame Dr. Bailey. She’s a busy physician and pays a marketing consultant to do her writing for her. Blame the marketing consultant.

For an example of  an article that builds trust and sells by informing, read my post  Zinc Oxide Sunscreen: Nano or No?  The content visually answers the question of “what is a nano” and why its use in sunscreens is controversial. Findings from studies discussing problems with nano use in sunblocks are included. Because the safety issue remains contentious, I leave the article open-ended. What’s your professional opinion? If I wrote that article for you, it would conclude with an elegant statement of your opinion derived after careful deliberation of the science.

Most current medical articles at my fingertips

I maintain a rich and growing database of journal articles relating to skincare and vitamin supplement science. In addition, I have subscription access to approximately 75% of the medical journals listed on PubMed. That makes me a goldmine when it comes to research resources and a rare find in the field of writing popular medical science.

Are you curious about a current research topic?

What do you want to know more about? If it relates to skincare and/or nutrition, you can bet your readers want to know about it also.

Ask me to write a blog post on the subject. I’ll write it as a gift from me to you. If you like it, we’ll talk about building your brand by hiring me as your ghostwriter.

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