Heart-Tummy-500April 15, 2013, New Orleans 8-) The  38th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology was rocking after researchers announced a new  laser liposuction technique.  Laser lipolysis melts fat and heats up the dermis, thereby damaging collagen and  promoting new collagen synthesis. The procedure may be a great fix for moderately dimpled skin on thighs, buttocks and the abdomen. As laser heat melts fat, it kickstarts the body’s healing responses leading to tightened skin.

Do Your Patients Fear Skin Sagging?

Skin sagging is a common complaint following liposuction and  discourages many otherwise excellent candidates for the procedure. One of the promises of  laser lipolysis is that when used in combination with standard liposuction, the skin tightening effects may alleviate those fears.

The Study

Between February 2009 and July 2012, a group of 2,183 individuals, ages 17 to 73 (75 percent female, 25 percent male), underwent laser-assisted lipolysis and liposuction on multiple areas of the body, including the neck, arms, love handles, breast, belly, thighs and calves. Prior to treatment, each person had measurements recorded including weight, diameter of the area treated and skin tightness. At each follow-up appointment the diameter of the treatment areas was measured and recorded. Skin tightness was also recorded against control criteria.

Patient follow-up was daily for a week and then at one, three and six months. All treated areas showed improvement in reducing fat bulk as well as tightening skin.

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